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college algebra

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find the complex zeros of the polynomial function. write f in factored form.


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    first you need to graph on a graphing calculator to find a zero. once you do, you realize 4 is a zero so (x-4) is a solution. now you can either use long division or synthetic division. I chose synthetic.
    4| 1 -10 37 -52
    +4 -24 +52
    = 1 -6 13 0
    = x^2 -6x +13
    then substitute that into the quadratic formula, find complex zeros
    6 +/- the square root of -16 all over 2
    simplifies to

    3+4i or 3-4i

  • college algebra -

    f in factored form is (x-4)(x-3-4i)(x-3+4i)

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