April 16, 2014

Homework Help: Math Grade 12

Posted by Vanessa on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 1:11pm.

So the question is basically asking which mountains peaks can be seen from Oahu.

Island Distance(Mi) Mountain Height(ft)
Lanai - 65 - Lanaihale - 3,370
Maui - 110 - Haleakala - 10,023
Hawaii - 190 - Mauna Kea - 13,796
Molokai - 40 - Kamakou - 4,961

A) Radius of earth= 3960 mi.
Determine angle formed at the center of the earth.
B) Determine length of the hypotenuse.
Is Lanai-hale visible from Oahu?
C) Repeat parts A & B for the other 3 islands
D) Which 3 Mountains are visible from Oahu?
Can someone please draw a diagram and explain to me where the angle formed at the center of the earth and hypotenuse please? I'm really despearate to understand this problem! It's due on Monday! please help! xoxoxo <3

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