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1)Identify which concepts/topics you believe that you will need to apply to solve the problem below. Select all that apply.

a)Covalent Bond Energy

b)Ionic Bond Energy

c)Single-electron Atom Ionization Energy

d)Multi-electron Atom Ionization Energy


f)Limiting Reagent


h)Bohr Model

i)Conservation of Energy

l)Wave-Particle Duality

m)Secondary Bonding


2)Sulfur vapor is analyzed by photoelectron spectroscopy (PES). Measurements determine that photoelectrons associated with the 1st ionization energy of sulfur move with de Broglie wavelength λ=2.091 A˚. What is the maximum wavelength (in meters) of radiation capable of ionizing sulfur and producing this effect?

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    Multi-electron Atom Ionization Energy, Conservation of Energy, Wave-Particle Duality.

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    E(photon) = E(electron)+E(Binding)
    Look also for deBroglie wave.

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