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Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) cannot be obtained in a pure form in the gas phase because it exists as a mixture of NO2 and N2O4. At 23°C and 0.94 atm, the density of this gas mixture is 2.6 g/L. What is the partial pressure of each gas?


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    P*molar mass = d*RT
    Substitute and solve for the "average molar mass" of the mixture. d in the above formula is density in g/L.
    Then let
    X = fraction that is NO2
    1-X = fraction that is N2O4
    X(molar mass NO2) + (1-X)(molar mass N2O4) = avg molar mass mixture.
    Solve for X and 1-X.
    Then pNO2 = X*0.94 = ? atm.
    and pN2O4 = (1-X)*0.94 = ? atm

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