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Homework Help: reading help me pls :(

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1. What does the Wool Pooh represent to Kenny?
(1 point)a nightmare

3. Which two characters engage in a power struggle in the story?
(1 point)Rufus and Larry Dunn
Rufus and Cody
Byron and Momma
Joey and Dad

4. Why is Kenny convinced, at first, that Joey was injured in the bombing? (1 point)he saw her enter the church just before the bomb exploded
Grandma Sands told him there was a terrible explosion at the church during Sunday school
the Wool Pooh told Kenny that Joey had been injured
Kenny enters the church and sees a black patent-leather shoe that looks like Joey’s shoe

5. Which of the following explain why Momma plans the trip to Birmingham so carefully: (1 point)the family is on a budget and she wants to monitor when and where they stop during the trip
Momma is nervous about the Brown Bomber making it to Arkansas
Momma is afraid that the children will be bored and restless during the long car ride
Dad has asked her to help play records in the car

6. Which of the following expressions does Kenny use frequently? (1 point)Three, two, one, blast off!
Ready, aim, fire!
Open sesame!

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