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Posted by amar chauhan on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 8:32am.

Estimate the change in energy when solid rubidium reacts with gaseous diatomic chlorine molecules. Express your answer in units of kJ/mole. Do not refer to the periodic table to solve this problem. The following data may be useful in your calculation:

Madelung Constant: 1.763
Born Exponent: 12
Heat of Vaporization of Rubidium: 75.77 kJ/mole
Ionization Energy of Rubidium: 4.177 eV
Covalent Radius of Rubidium: 2.16 Angstroms
Covalent Radius of Chlorine: 0.99 Angstroms
Electron Affinity of Chlorine: -349 kJ/mole
Dissociation Energy of Chlorine: 244 kJ/mole
Ionic Radius of Chlorine: 167 pm
Ionic Radius of Rubidium: 166 pm

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