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Ambrose Biercs
Could someone that has read the story check my work?

1. The gray-clad soldier who tells Farquhar about the bridge is

on his way to the bridge.
a Federal scout. ******
frightened of being caught and hanged.
planning to burn the bridge.

2. Unimaginably, Farquhar seems to

survive the hanging. *****
fall off the bridge without the noose.
fight the soldiers and escape.
be rescued by the man who told him about the bridge.

3. A flashback occurs when

a writer gives subtle hints that something is going on.

a writer reminds the reader of something that happened at the beginning of a story.

a writer suspends the present story to recall an important event that affected the main character(s).*******

a writer tells a story “backwards.”

4. Anyone caught will be summarily punished. Which of the following best describes summarily?

adverb ******

5. Which Romantic writer's style is most similar to Ambrose Bierce's?

Henry David Thoreau
Edgar Allan Poe
Nathaniel Hawthorne *****
Walt Whitman

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    I agree with all your answers.

    (It's a fascinating story, isn't it?)

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    number 5 is Edgar allan poe

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