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Analytical Chemistry

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Solute S has a partition coefficient of 4.3 between water (phase 1) and hexane (phase 2).

(a) Calculate the concentration of S in hexane if [Swater] is 0.030 M

(b) If the volume of water is 71.0 mL and the volume of hexane is 16.0 mL, find the quotient (mol S in hexane/mol S in water).

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    It isn't clear to me how your partition coefficient is defined. IF it is
    Kphase 1/phase 2 = 4.3 it is done as follows
    4.3 = (in H2O)/(in hexane) = (0.03/x and solve for x.

    However, I strongly suspect it is defined as
    Kphase 2/phase 1. You can move the numbers around accordingly.

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