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do not know how to get answer on kathleen spent $30.50 on two shirts. One shirt cost $3.50 more than the other. How much did each shirt cost?How do you get the answer for X +X+3.50 = 30.50. Trying to explain how to get answer to a 5th grader.

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    Two of us gave you lengthy explanations.

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    explanation for 5th grader without using variables ??

    one shirt cost $3.50 more than the other
    so if we reduced the cost of the the more expensive by $3.50, they would have cost the same.
    But then we should reduce the total by 3.50
    --- 30.50 - 3.50 = $27

    since they now cost the same, we simply take half of 27 which is 13.5

    cheaper shirt -- 13.50
    more expensive shirt --13.50+30.50 = 17

    total cost = 13.50+17 = 30.50

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