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physics, help! urgent!

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A positive point charge q = +2.50 nC is located at x = 1.20 m and a negative charge of ƒ{2q = ƒ{5.00 nC is located at the origin. (a) Sketch the electric potential verses x for points on the x-axis in the range -1.50 m < x < 1.50 m. (b) Find a symbolic expression for the potential on the x-axis at an arbitrary point P between the two charges. The
expression should be in terms of x, q and d = 1.20 m, the distance between the two charges. (c) Find the electric potential at x = 0.600 m, i.e. at x = d/2. (d) Find the value of x at the point along the x-axis between the two charges where the electric potential is zero.

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    Tiger Woods hits a 0.050-kg golf ball, giving it a speed of 75 m/s. What impulse does he impart to the ball?

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