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Posted by lee on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 11:42am.

Can someone please explain and help me with this problem.

4. The table shows the annual consumption of cheese per person in the United States for selected years in the 20th century.

Year Pounds

1908 5.027

1923 8.768

1960 12.29

1981 15.485

What cubic model best fits this data?
y = 每0.0000541x3 + 0.00789x2 每 0.452x 每 1.888
y = 每0.0000541x3 每 0.00789x2 每 0.452x + 1.888
y = 0.00789x3 每 0.0000541x2 + 1.888x + 0.452
y = 0.0000541x3 每 0.00789x2 + 0.452x + 1.888

5. If you were going to use this model to estimate the amount of cheese consumed per person in 1976, would that prediction be considered interpolation or extrapolation?

6. What is the domain of the graph for the data set?
5.027 ≒ domain ≒ 15.485
1908 ≒ domain ≒ 1981
any year in the twentieth century

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