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A cannon ball is fired at 50 m/s at a 37 degree angle above the horizontal. Calculate the time the cannon ball in the air, calculate how high it rises and calculate how far from the cannon the ball lands?

Answers: 6.14 s, 46.2 m, 245.2 m

  • Physics -

    Vi = 50m/s
    Degree = 37

    U: Vy, Vx, Dy, Dx, T

    Vy = Vi(Sin(θ)),
    Vx = Vi(Cos(θ),
    Dy = Vy(1/2)(t) + 1/2(a)(1/2t^2)
    Dx = Vx(t) (Because the speed is constant)

    t = 6.14 s, h = 46.2, Δx = 245.2 m

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