April 23, 2014

Homework Help: possessive form of nouns

Posted by jayson on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 11:22am.

Could someone check my work please?

1. the homework for this week
the homework for this week
this week’s homework(my choice)
homework’s week
homeworks weeks

2. the handle of the basket
the basket’s handle
the handle’s basket(my choice)
the baskets handle
the baskets’ handle

3. the collars belonging to the cats the cat’s collars
the collar’s cats
the cats’ collars(my choice)
the cats’s collars

4. the value of the money
the monies value
the moneys value
the money’s value(my choice)
the moneys’ value

5. the tusks of the walruses
the walruses’ tusks(my choice)
the walruses’s tusks
the walruse’s tusks
the tusk’s walruses

6. the toys belonging to the children
the childrens’ toys(my choice)
the children’s toys
the childrens’s toys
the toys’ children

7. the watch belonging to the lady the ladies watch
the lady’s watch(my choice)
the ladie’s watch
the ladys’ watch

8. the speech given by the senator the senator’s speech(my choice)
the speech’s senator
the senators speech
the senators’ speech

9. the plan of the thieves
the thieve’s plan
the thieves’s plan
the plan’s thieves
the thieves’ plan(my choice)

10. the notebooks belonging to Janet Janet’s notebooks(my choice)
Janets notebook’s
Janets’ notebooks
Janet notebooks’

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