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Homework Help: 7th grade English Ms. Sue ASAP please

Posted by Delilah on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 10:41pm.

Questions 1 and 2 correspond to “Amigo Brothers.” Question 4 corresponds to "Friendships and Peer Pressure."
How do Antonio and Felix feel about each other after their fight? (1 point)

Felix is angry with Antonio for injuring his eye.
Antonio is afraid of Felix because he hit Antonio so hard.
They're enemies now.
They're still best friends.

Identify the modifier in the following sentence.

Every night, Alison and her mother like to read a book together. (1 point)


What is an example of internal conflict in "Amigo Brothers"? (1 point)

Felix and Tony must fight each other in the tournament.
Felix and Tony want to win but are afraid of ruining their friendship.
Felix and Tony push themselves to prepare for the fight.
Felix and Tony are close friends.

What text features are used to draw attention to the three main qualities of a good friend? (1 point)

bullets and italics
italics and underlining
bold type and italics
bullets and bold type

A synonym for the word nimble is _____. (1 point)


In the prewriting stage of an imaginative story, you should not _____. (1 point)

figure out the major characteristics of the protagonist
think about the conflict of the story
start considering possible endings
write an introduction to the story

My answers:
1. they are still best friends.
2. every
3. Felix and Tony want to win but are afraid of ruining their friendship.
4. bullets and bold type
5. weak
6. write an introduction to the story

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