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Posted by Cicily on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 2:21pm.

1. a) 50ml of water at 46.9C were mixed with 50ml of water at 25.1C in a calorimeter also at 25.1C. The final temperature was 30.1C. Assuming that neither the density of water nor its specific heat capacity change with temperature, calculate the total heat capacity of the calorimeter. (density of water = 1.00g/ml, specific heat capacity = 4.18 j/gk

b) when 5.00g of NaOH (s) are added to 100g of water (using the same calorimeter as in part a), the temperature rises from 25.0C to 37.5C. calculate the molar heat of solution, i.e. delta H for the process. assume that the specific heat of water is 4.18 j/gk and that of the NaOH (aq) solution is the same.

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