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Write a MIPS assembly language program that will cover the following
Prompt the user to enter a first integer named i1
Prompt the user to enter a second integer named i2
Compute i1+i2-200
Print the value of the result
The program should enforce the rule that the two entered integers must be in the interval
[100, 200]. If the entered integer is not inthe specified range, prompt again the user to
enter an integer in the specified range.

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    Write a MIPS assembly language program to calculate periodically compounding interest. Your program should prompt the user to enter the necessary parameters for the calculation and continue to loop until the user opts to quit. The equation for periodically compounding interest is b= p(1+r)t, where b is the balance after the end of t applications of interest, p is the principal(starting balance) and r is the interest rate. Since MIPS does not have a power function, you will need to build one by iteratively multiplying the sum t times.
    Your program should include appropriate comments indication what the code should doing and what registers are being used for. After displaying the results, your program should exit cleanly. You should test your programs using the SPIM simulator

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