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Homework Help: Cultral Diversity

Posted by anna on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 12:42am.

1.Reserch about the impact of cultral
valueson peer social interaction in an early education classroom may lead one to conclude that this enviroment
may create biases if the primary social orientation favors:a teacher centered
learning b.individual activities c.non-
maintream values c.nonmainstream values
d. group play activities
2.Research indicates a child's development of prejudice occurs as an
interaction effect of: a. cognitive development and positive ideas about
particular groups in the child's social
experiences c. cognitive development and negative attitudes toward persons in the immediate milieu d. cognitive processes and pro-social patterns that
adults model: MY ANSWER for 1.d and 2. d
Please let me know if this is correct
environment. b.

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