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Advance fuctions

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write and that is equivalent to each of the following expression,using the related acute angle
a) sin 13pi/6 b) cos 11pi/8
c) tan 7pi/4

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    a) sin(13π/6)
    = sin(2π + π/6)
    so we are in quadrant I with an angle of sin π/6
    sin π/6 = 1/2

    = cos(2π-π/6) .... ( think: 330° = 360° - 30°)
    so we are in quad IV and in IV the cosine is positive

    = cos π/6 = √3/2

    c) tan 7π/4
    = tan (2π - π/4) ------ in IV where the tangent is negative
    = -tan π/4 = -1

    You can and should check your answers with a calculator.

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