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About 70% of the human population can taste the bitter chemical phenylthiocarbamide (PTC), which is found in foods like broccoli. The allele, T, for tasting PTC is dominant over the allele, t, for not tasting it. Calculate the allele frequencies using the Hardy-Weinberg equation, where p represents the dominant allele frequency, and q represents the recessive allele frequency. Which of the following is closest to your results?

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    (p+q)^2 = 1

    30% of the population have tt:

    q^2 = 0.3

    p^2 + 2*p*(0.3^0.5) + 0.3 = 1

    Solve for p

    p^2 is predicted frequency of TT
    2*p*q is predicted frequency of Tt
    q^2 is predicted frequency of tt

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