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Posted by Hailey56 on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:53pm.

A uniform soda can of mass 0.135 kg is 12.4 cm tall and filled with 1.25 kg of soda (figure below). Then small holes are drilled in the top and bottom (with negligible loss of metal) to drain the soda. (Initially the soda can is full.)(a) What is the height h of the com (center of mass) of the can and contents initially.   cm (b) What is the height h of the com of the can after the can loses all the soda?  cm (c) What happens to h as the soda drains out?  ---Select--- rises to the top decreases then rises again stays the same decreases to the bottom  (d) If x is the height of the remaining soda at any give instant, find x when the com reaches its lowest point.  cm

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