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English Hamlet

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I writing global statements on themes in play hamlet, i trying to write one on betrayal, but its not turning out like i want it.

Having loved and trusted those that mean the world to us and getting stabbed by them in the backs is the worst betrayal that one can come upon.

also i not able to think one for supernatrual. teacher say global statement be 2-3 sentences.

for supersnatural i want to say something like

That which seem there, may possibly not be there. It be our mind fooling us trying to give some message.

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    Are you referring to Hamlet (the main character, not the dead king) in this play and his pretending to be crazy? (mad)

    Let me know.

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    yes I be referring to Hamlet the main character.

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    You might have more luck with this idea:

    Hamlet is angry when he gets home two months after his father's death and burial. He finds that his mother has already married his uncle, and his uncle has already taken the throne. His mother apparently went right along with it all.

    Hamlet wants to find out what really happened and to avenge his father's death. In order to do this, he tells Horatio he is going to pretend to be mad (crazy), and he succeeds. In the process, though, it seems he actually has gone mad. Is he just a really good actor? Or did all this really turn him into a crazy man?

    Your overarching statement may want to include the idea that when we pretend to be something we aren't, sometimes we end up like that anyway.

    Let me know what you write up.

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    Writeacher i still sort of struggling with this one for Betrayal:

    Getting stabbed in the back by the ones we love and trust the most adds our hearts to flames with broken hearts no where to go.

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    Being betrayed by the ones we love and trust most breaks our hearts, and we usually don't know how to deal with our betrayers.


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    Thanks very much Writeacher that one be real good :)

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    You're very welcome!


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