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Posted by Minnie on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 6:27pm.

I did a exercise with indirect speech, can anybody check it?

1. "Have you visited the NA?" she asked me.
-> She asked me if I had visited the NA.

2. "What do you think of the hotel food?" I asked her.
-> I asked her what she thought about the hotel food.

3. "Will you travelling by train?" she asked me.
-> She asked me If I travell by train.

4. "Do you know the way to the Opera?" I asked her.
-> I asked her if she knew the way to Opera House.

5. "How much did you pay to stay in the hotel?" she asked me.
-> She asked me how much I paid for the hotel.

6. "Are you thninking of changing hotels?" I asked her.
-> I asked her if she thought of changing hotels.

7. "Do you have to leave at 10.00?" she asked me.
-> Ahe asked me if I had to left at 10.00.

8. "Would you come with me to the station"? I asked her.
-> I asked her to come with me to the station.

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