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I shall wirte what I would say, but we are speaking about modals, so I think I have to answer with them...

My solutions:

1. Your teacher is carrying a pile of heavy books. Offer help.
-> Shall I carry that for for?
or Sorry, can I help you?

2. A friend tells you that he/she is thinking of running away from home and joining a circus as a clown. You think this is a silly idea.
-> I think you ought to rethink it. It's a silly idea.

3. A friend boasts that they are taller than you, so they are better at basketball.
-> You might be taller, but I could (or can?!) jump higher.

4. It is hot in the classroom, and you ask your teacher for permission to open the window.
-> May I can open the window?

5. You are having an argument with a friend, and tell him that you don't care what he says.
-> I could'nt care less what you say!

Are these ok?

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    Read all of these aloud. Correct spelling, verb agreement, etc. Then repost.

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    I wouldn't change something by 1 and 2.
    3. You might be taller, but I can jump higher.

    4. I may can open the window?

    5. I couldn't care less what you say!

    is it better that way?

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    3 and 5 are now correct.

    Work on 4!!

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    So 1 & 2 are correct?

    and 4. without can? is it just "May I open the window?" ?

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