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1. The Americans formed a republic, a government in which citizens rule through

a. elected representatives.***
b. monarchies.
c. kingships.
d. appointed representatives.

2. Convention delegates broke the deadlock between large and small states when they approved

a. the Two-Thirds Compromise.
b. Washington's Compromise.
c. the Three-Fifths Compromise.
d. the Great Compromise.***

3. What was the single territory that was created out of the lands north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River?

a. Mississippi Territory
b. Western Territory
c. Northwest Territory***
d. Ohio River Valley Territory

4. Those who opposed the Constitution feared the national government would

a. take rights away from people.***
b. limit the number of new states.
c. limit trade.
d. require religion to be practiced.

5. Shays's Rebellion forced courts to close so judges could not confiscate
a. tax money.
b. farmers' land.***
c. smuggled goods.
d. criminals' homes.

6. The belief that all people have a right to life, liberty, and property was promoted by philosopher

a. Baron de Montesquieu.
b. John Adams.
c. John Locke.***
d. Benjamin Franklin.

7. Convention delegates agreed that the Constitution must be approved by how many states?

a. 3 states
b. all states
c. 12 states
d. 9 states***

8. One major weakness of the Confederation was that it could not deal with

a. drawing maps.
b. new states.
c. Native Americans.
d. the nation's finances.***

9. The branch of the government that is headed by the president is called the

a. legislative branch.
b. judicial branch.
c. executive branch.***
d. constitutional branch.

10. How does the Constitution limit the powers of government?

a. The Constitution limits the power of government by entitling citizens to a basic standard of living.

b. The Constitution limits the power of government by giving citizens the power to veto any bill they do not consent to.

c. The Constitution limits the power of government by specifically listing powers it does and does not have.

d. The Constitution limits the power of government by encouraging the formation of independent political parties.

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