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Posted by Minnie on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 2:16pm.

Hey I have the write the sentences in passiv. But I do not really be good in passiv... can anybody check and may axplain what passiv is?

The extent of the flood-damage has surprised everyone.
-> Everyone was surprised by the extent of the flood - damage.

2. Someone used a counterfeit key to open the security door.
-> A counterfit key was used to open the security door, by someone

3. The freezing conditions put off many would-be shoppers
-> Many would-be shoppers are put off.

4. Someone used a brick to smash the window.
-> A brick was used to smash the window.

5. The high cost of gas and elictricity is hitting some families hard.
->Some families are being hit hard by the high cost of gas and elicticity.

6. The force of the explosion blew in the windows on nearby buildings.
-> The windows on nearby builindings was forced by the explosion.

7. The high winds damaged several buildings.
-> Several buildings was damaged by the high winds.

8. Somebody used a blunt instrument to hit the security guard on the head.
-> The security guard was hit on the head with a blunt instrument.

9. The unusually high tide completely washed away the sea wall.
-> The sea wall was completely wasted away.

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