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In a Bohr of a Hydrogen atom, an electron moves in a circle with a radius of 5.10(^-9) cm around a nucleus charged positive due to electrostatic force. What is the intensity of the force so that the electron has a velocity of 2.3 x 10(^8) cm/s? The mass of the electron is 9x10(^-28)g.

I tried to break this problem down into components using F=ma and a=vt, but I could get nowhere. Thank you to anyone who could break down the steps and help!

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    F=ma=mv²/R =
    =9.1•10⁻³¹• (2.3•10⁶ )²/ 5.1•10⁻¹¹=
    =9.45•10⁻⁸ N

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