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Posted by Jerald on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 7:58pm.

Tanya is baking a birthday cake for her mom. The recipe calls for 3/8 stick of butter for the cake and another 1/4 stick of butter for the frosting. Which stick of butter below is right to show the total amount of butter Tanya needs for her cake and frosting?

Mario ordered a small cheese pizza and Yvette ordered a small pepperoni pizza. Each pizza was cut into 4 equal slices. The figures below are shaded to show the portion of pizza that Mario and Yvette ate. Expressed as a fraction how much more pizza did Mario eat then Yvette
Marios: 3 shaded 1 not
Yvette:2 shaded 2 not

A. 1 1/2

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