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I need help with this lab.

Write the equation for the decomposition of the hydrate, CuSO4*XH2O.

Mass of crucible and hydrate: 93.000g
Mass of crucible and pure salt: 91.196g

I need to calculate the following:

1. mass of water in hydrate sample(g)
2. number of moles of water in the sample
3. mass of pure salt in the sample(g)
4. number of moles of salt in the sample
5. molar ratio of water to salt in the sample

From your calculations what is the empirical formula of copper sulfate hydrate?

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    You don't have enough information here.
    1. mass H2O = 93.000-91.196 = ?
    2. mols H2O = grams H2O/molar mass H2O
    3. mass pure salt = 91.196-mass crucible = ?
    4. mols salt = grams/molar mass CuSO4
    5. Find the mols H2O to 1 mol CuSO4.

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    This all that I have, what other information do I need?

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    never mind I got it thanks!

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