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An object experiences an acceleration of 6.8m/s^2. As a result, it accelerates from rest to 24m/s. How much distance did it travel during that acceleration?

A car which is traveling at a velocity of 15m/s undergoes an acceleration of 6.5m/s^2 over a distance of 340m. How fast is it going after that acceleration?

A car slams on its breaks creating an acceleration of /3.2m/s^2. It comes to rest after traveling a distance of 210m. What was its velocity before it began to accelerate.

An object is dropped from a 32m tall building. How fast will it be going when it strikes the ground?

An object is dropped from a building and strikes the ground with a speed of 31m/s. How tall is the building?

A hopper jumps straight up to a height of 1.3m. With what velocity did it leave the floor?

A hopper jumps straight up to a height of 0.45m. With what velocity will it return to the table?

What is the landing velocity of an object that is thrown vertically down with a velocity of a 5m/s from a height of 25m?

An object accelerates from rest with a constant acceleration of 7.5m/s^2. How fast will it be travelling after it goes 12m?

An object is traveling at a constant velocity of 11m/s when it experiences a constant acceleration of 1.5m/s^2 for a time of 14s. What will its velocity be after the acceleration?

An object is thrown vertically up with a velocity of 35m/s. What was the maximum height?

A boy throws a ball vertically up and catches it after 3s. What height did the ball reach?

An object is moving at velocity of 5.8m/s. It accelerates to a velocity of 25m/s over a time of 3.3s. What acceleration did it experience?

A car which is traveling at velocity a 9.6m/s undergoes an acceleration of 4.2m/s^2 over a distance of 420 m. How fast is it going after that acceleration?

A marble is projected vertically up by a spring gun, and reaches the maximum height of 9.8m. What is the initial speed of the marble? How long did it take the marble to reach maximum height?

An arrow is shot vertically up by a bow, and after 8s returns to the ground level. What is the initial velocity of the arrow? How high did it go?

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