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If 0.10 mg Fe is diluted in a 50 mL flask, what is the concentration of the resulting solution? What volume of the resulting solution is needed to prepare 25.0 mL of a dilute sample solution with a concentration of 0.30 ppm Fe?

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    "What is the concn of the resulting solution" is an open ended question. What units? The easy answer is it's 0.1 mg/50 mL but that probably isn't the unit you want.
    Since you want to prepare a dilute solution in ppm I thin the answer probably should be in ppm
    1 ppm = 1 mg/L so all we need to do is to convert 0.1 mg/50 mL to mg/L.
    That's 0.1 mg x (1000/50) = 2 mg/L = 2 ppm.
    Then use the dilution formula of
    c1v1 = c2v2
    0.30*25 = 2*v2
    v2 = ?

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