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English(check my answer please(:)

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1. Which of the following events caused immigrants to migrate north after the civil war?
-the passage of the homestead act******
-the emergence of industry in cities
-advances in the printing industry
- the completion of the transcontinental railroad

2. Which of the following statements is NOT true of realism?
- realism favored non-fiction over fiction literature
- the civil war marked the end of American romanticism and the beginning of realism*******
-regionalism, a subgenre of realism, reflected the lives and language of people residing in different areas of the US
- realism reacted against romantic ideals.

3.which of the following writers was not part of the realism movement?
-Stephen crane*****
-mark twain
-Emily Dickinson
-Arthur miller

Choose the correct possessive for for the following phrases.
4. The collars belonging to the cats
- the cat's collars
-the collar's cats
-the cats' collars*****
-the cats's collars

5. The notebooks belonging to Janet
- Janet's notebooks******
-Janets notebook's
-Janets' notebooks
- Janet notebooks'

  • English(check my answer please(:) -

    I agree with your answers for 4 and 5.

  • English(check my answer please(:) -

    1,2,3 are wrong

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