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Definition-ish question. Geo

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What are examples of megalopolis?and whats a good definition for it? Thanks. ♥dino♥

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    American Heritage Dictionary:

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    (mĕg'ə-lŏp'ə-lĭs) also me·gap·o·lis (mĭ-găp'ə-lĭs, mĕ-)
    A very large city.
    A region made up of several large cities and their surrounding areas in sufficient proximity to be considered a single urban complex.

    Oxford Dictionary of Architecture & Landscaping:

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    Very large urban region formed of a metropolis that has far outgrown itself and swallowed many towns and villages, or a series of metropoleis that have joined up (e.g. the urban sprawl between Washington, DC and NYC).

    Columbia Encyclopedia:

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    megalopolis (mĕgəlŏp'lĭs) [Gr.,=great city], a group of densely populated metropolitan areas that combine to form an urban complex. It was first used in its modern sense by Jean Gottman (1957) to describe the huge urban area along the eastern seaboard of the United States from Boston to Washington, D.C. According to Gottman, it resulted from changes in work and social habits.

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