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Two banked curves have the same radius. Curve A is banked at an angle of 11°, and curve B is banked at an angle of 16°. A car can travel around curve A without relying on friction at a speed of 18.5 m/s. At what speed can this car travel around curve B without relying on friction?

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    without friction.

    then gravity down the clift is mgsinTheta
    Centripetal force up the clift is m v^2/r*cosTHeta

    setting them equal, mv^2 CosTheta/r= mgSinTheta or
    tan Theta*r= v^2/g

    so check the calcs there. If right, then v is proportional to sqrt ( *tanTheta)

    so Vb=18.5 sqrt (tan16/tan11)
    = 1.21*18.5

    check through all that

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