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A car showroom had 10y cars, 20y motorcycles and 18 vans. In a particular month, 4y cars , 3y motorcycles and 15 vans were sold.
a.) Find the total number of wheels on the remaining vehicles in terms of x.
b.) If y=21, how many wheels were there?

An indoor stadium has 25 460 seats. 25% of them are Category A seats. For a concert, Mr Ramly requires 40% of the seats to be Catergory A seats. Find the increase in the number if Category A seats.

  • Maths -

    (10y-4y)*4 + (20y-3y)*2 + (18-15)*4
    = 24y+34y+12
    = 58y + 12 wheels remaining
    b) 58*21+12 = 1230

    an extra 15% of seating is needed.
    15% of 25460 = 3819

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