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An automobile fuel tank is filled to the brim with 45.3 liters (12.1 gallon) of gasoline at 14.5 degrees C. Immediately afterward, the vehicle is parked in the Sun, where the temperature is 34.5 degrees C. How much gasoline (in Liter) overflows from the tank as a result of the expansion? (Neglect the expansion of the tank).

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    β = ΔV/V•ΔT
    β =10•10⁻⁴(1/℃)
    ΔV=β•V•ΔT=10•10⁻⁴43.3•10⁻³•(34.5-14.5)=8.66•10⁻⁴ m³=0.866 liter.

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