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A small sphere of mass m = 7.50 g and charge
q1 = 32.0 nC is attached to the end of a string and hangs vertically as shown in
the figure. A second charge of equal mass and charge q2 = –58.0 nC is located a
distance d = 2.00 cm below the first charge.
(a) Find the tension in the string.
(b) If the string can withstand a maximum tension of 0.180 N, what is the
smallest value d can have before the string breaks?

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    (a) T= m1•g + F(el)= m1•g+ k•q1•q2/r²=
    =7.5•10⁻³•9.8 + 9•10⁹•32•10⁻⁹•58•10⁻⁹/0.02²=…
    (b) T1= m1•g + F(el)= m1•g+ k•q1•q2/r1²=
    T1=0.18 N. Solve for r1

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