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Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 12:59am.

Where can I get the information about the origin of Thanksgiving Day in detail? There are questions related Pilgrim Fathers who left for the nes land. Would you answer them, please?

1. Where did they (Pilgrim Fathers) leave for the North America?

2. Did they leave for North America from England or the Netherlands?
Would you let me know the route of the travel in brief?

3. There were 102 people in the Mayflower. I know two die and one baby was born. Then were there 101 people when they reach at Plymouth?

4. Many died at the end of 1620. How many people died before 1621? How many survived?

5. When they held a festival, the first Thanksgiving Day, how many peole were left among the 102 people who left for North America?

6. Why did so many people die?
With what dieases did they die?

7. Did they fight against American Indians with firearms?

8. Who helped them grow crops? Was he Squanto alone? Was he able to speak English?

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