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He method of tree ring dating gave the following years A.D. for an archaeological excavation site. Assume that the population of x values has an approximately normal distribution.
1222, 1243, 1257, 1285, 1268, 1316, 1275, 1317, 1275
(a) Use a calculator with mean and standard deviation keys to find the sample mean year x and sample standard deviation s. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.)
x =

s = yr

(b) Find a 90% confidence interval for the mean of all tree ring dates from this archaeological site. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.)
lower limit A.D.
upper limit A.D.

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    I really only need help on part B.

    I am not 100% how to put it in my ti 84 silver plus..

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    never mind! got it!! TY

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