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Find the x and y intercept of the equations.
How would I solve these and what is the anwsers

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    For all of them you have to solve for "y" on one side in y= mx+b

    where m is your slope and b is the y-intercept.

    1. y= -5x/6 - 5
    2. y= x/4 + 4
    3. y= 3x/4 + 3

    From this you can see that "-5" "4" and "3" are your "b" values. Thus those are your y-intercepts.

    In order to find x-intercepts, you set y=0 and solve for x.


    1. 0= -5x/6 - 5
    2. 0= x/4 + 4
    3. 0= 3x/4 + 3

    Hope you can do this on your own :)

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