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Sometimes scale drawings are shown on graph paper. Each square on this graph paper is 1/4 inch. Use the scale drawing of the living room to answer each question. There are 1,296 in.2 in one square yard. Use a proportion to find out how many square yards of carpet it would take to cover the floor.
There are 12 squares wide and 10 squares high... I have no idea how to do

28 yd2
30 yd2
32 yd2
35 yd2

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    You haven't said what the scale is. what are the dimensions of the room represented by a 10x12 square grid?

    If each square represents a foot, then a 3x3 block of squares represents a square yard.

    Once you figure out how many inches of the room are represented by a square on the paper, then you can do some math.

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    The scale is 1/4

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    360/12=30 yds

    1296 inches converted into yards is 36 yds

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    The answer is 30

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