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Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade

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Toronto reflects more of the British culture rather than the French culture.

Which of the following Canadian region is best described as undeveloped because of its harsh climate and terrain?
Northern Territories

British Columbia



he province of Quebec is a good example of _____________________.
a.French influence on Canadian culture
b.Native Canadian influence on Canadian culture
c.English influence on Canadian culture
d.American influence on Canadian culture

Right or wrong, thanks!

  • Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade -

    I agree with your first answer.

    To find your second and third answers, read your assignment!

  • Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade -

    I did and I have the first and third answers, but on the second one, my online content (textbook) says Yukon, but my quiz said it was wrong.

  • Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade -

    I'll bet your book also says another territory also is undeveloped.

  • Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade -

    I'm going to have to go with Ms. Sue, I've been through Geography and I believe if you look through your book you could find the answer... easily.

  • Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade -

    For #2, the most obvious choice is the "Northwest Territories" , not the Northern Territories, although a good argument could also be made for the Yukon.

    #3, a) is clearly the correct choice.

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