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Chemistry lab

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In my lab class I am having to write a lab experiment and preform it tomorrow. It deals with specific heat of unknown metal and density. the first part you have boil water with the metal in it, and then put it in a cup and measure the temp change. I have completed to specific heat part, but he said that for density I need to have a procedure. I have no idea how to make a procedure for that. Any help would be amazing. Thanks you!!

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    A simple way to measure density of a solid, such as a metal (that doesn't react with water) is this.
    density = mass/volume
    So to obtain the mass you weigh the piece of metal on a balance. You can write up the process for that in your own words.

    To measure the volume, the easy way is to partly fill a graduated cylinder with water and read the volume. Then drop in the piece of metal (I assume it will fit into the graduated cylinder) and the level of the water will rise (because two objects can't occupy the same volume at the same time). Read the volume level again, subtract the two readings to obtain the volume of the piece of metal, then density = mass/volume.
    Put all of that into your own words.

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