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A random sample of 384 people in Dalto City, a mid-sized city, revealed 112 individuals who work at more than one job. A second random sample of 432 workers from East Dettweiler, another mid-sized city, found 91 people who work at more than one job. To conduct a significance test for a difference in the proportions of workers in Dalto City and East Dettweiler who work at more than one job, what's the pooled value for p̂, and what's the pooled standard error of the difference between the two sample proportions, respectively?

.5, .0303

.249, .0009

.249, .017

.251, .0303

.249, .0303

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    Standard error = √(p1(1-p1)/n1 + p2(1-p2)/n2)

    Your data:
    n1 = 384
    n2 = 432
    p1 = 112/384
    p2 = 91/432

    If you substitute the data into the formula above, you should find standard error to be .0303, which will narrow down your choices. I'll let you determine the pooled value for p.

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    @MathGuru you're useless. You only solve the obvious and then leave us hanging.

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    I got only love for John. The answer is fate

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    @John I have come from a year later to reply to your concern, to uproot this tyranny that is Math Guru. No longer shall we sit wondering what the other half of the question is. No longer must we be given a formula and have to solve it out. NO LONGER MUST WE SIT THROUGH THIS.

    The answer is E.

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