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I am stuck on this question. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A 0.082 kg solid cylinder with a radius of 1.90 cm, is placed at the top of a 30ยบ inclined plane of height 29.5 cm. If the inclined plane is not frictionless, and the cylinder does roll, determine the speed of the cylinder at the bottom.

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    If the inclined plane is not frictionless, you have to know the coefficient of friction.
    If it is frictionless, then
    PE=KE=KE(transl) +KE(rot)
    mgh= mv²/2 + Iω²/2.
    I=mR²/2, ω=v/R
    mgh= mv²/2 + mR² v²/4 R²=
    = 3mv²/4

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