February 27, 2015

Homework Help: Poetry/ENG 142/Ivy Bridge

Posted by Connie on Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 7:15pm.

I'm trying to form an arguement based on the following poem does anyone have any ideas on how I could do that effectively?


which he must
cross, by swimming, for fruit and nuts,
to help him
I sit, with my rifle, on a platform
high in a tree, same side of the river
as the hungry does this assist
him? When he swims for it
I look first up river: predators move faster with
the current than against it.
If a crocodile is aimed from up river to eat the monkey
and an anaconda from down river burns
with the same ambition, I do
the math, algebra, angles, rate-of-monkey
croc and snake-speed, and if, if
it looks like the anaconda or the croc
will reach the monkey
before he attains the river’s far bank,
I raise my rifle and fire
one, two, three, even four times, into the river
just behind the monkey
to hurry him up a little.
Shoot the snake, the crocodile?
They’re just doing their jobs,
but the monkey, the monkey
has little hands, like a child’s
and the smart ones, in a cage, can be taught to smile.

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