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a 55g aluminum block initially at 27degrees C absorbs 725J of heat. What is the final temp.
I know I need to use the equation
q=m*Cs*Delta T but I cannot figure out how to rearrange the equation to isolate Tf to get the answer.
Thanks for any help.

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    My experience is NOT to try rearranging it before you subtitute. I think it is far easier to substitute, then solve the equation.
    q = mass x specific heat x (Tf-Ti)
    725 = 55 x specific heat Al x (Tf - 27).
    What Al? about 0.3 or so J/g?
    725 = 55 x 0.3 x (Tf-27)
    725 = 55*0.3*Tf - (55*0.3*27)
    Multiply all that stuff inside the parentheses and solve the resulting equation for Tf.

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