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Physics B

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part 1
A coordinate system (in meters) is constructed on the surface of a pool table, and
three objects are placed on the coordinate system as follows: a 1.5 kg object at the origin,
a 3.4 kg object at (0 m,1.8 m), and a 4.5 kg
object at (4.2 m,0 m).
Find the resultant gravitational force exerted on the object at the origin by the other
two objects. The universal gravitational constant is 6.672 × 10
N · m2
Answer in units of N

Part 2
At what angle does it act with respect to
the positive x axis? Let counterclockwise be
positive, within the limits of −180

to 180

Answer in units of

  • Physics B - ,

    F =G•m1•m2/R²
    the gravitational constant G =6.67•10^-11 N•m²/kg²,

    F1= G•1.5•3.4/1.8²
    F1= G•1.5•4.5/4.2²


    The angle with respect to the positive x axis is
    180°+ α

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