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Homework Help: Culturally Diverse Background

Posted by anna on Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 2:23am.

Will someone check my answers.
1.During a class fingerpainting activity,Doresha appeared perplexed by the teacher's question, What are you doing, Doresha did not respond quickly or with ease. Why did Doresha respond to this eventcast the way she did?
a. Doresha is from a nonmainstream culture. B.Describing an action is not practiced in her home or by friends. c.Asking someone to expllain an action the questioner is witnessing is considered disrespectful. d.The use of language for labeling an event or something obvious is unusual in most cultures.
2.When middle-class mainstream teachers reprimand children for verbalizing spontaneously, they show a preference for facilitating language development through: a. eventcasts and stories b.stories and accounts c.recounts and eventcasts d.recounts and stories
3.The use of ___________ characterizes the teacher's method of initiating and directing chilldren's verbal responese
in a format that can confuse children from non-mainstream cultures. a. language modeling b. eventcasts language d.language conventions
4.A normally developing child can learn two languages (English and the native language) simultaneously, provided that: a. the early learning teacher provides language strips near objects at both learning environments ( home and school). b.simple language forms are matched to the child's immediate experiences. c. the parents begin English language lessons before the child. d. both learning environments are responsive and consistent.
5.If a child says, "I be sick yestiddy wif a cole," a qualifield teacher will conclude that the boy:
a. is using Black English Dialect
b. comes from a proverty-level home environment. c. requires special education assistance d. cannot speak Standard American Dialect
6. The process of learning "code-switching" is meant to: a. foster social fluency. b.teach a student the approprite use of Standard English and
his/her own dialet.c. encourage one to change grammatical markers d. focus the child on mastering use of Standard American Dialet.
7.Which one of the following conditions Fails to foster good communicative interaction in an early learning setting? a. The teacher repeats every
thing a child says, but in the proper English form. b. At least during the time the child is in the early care environment, the teacher models Standard Englis c. The teacher offers daily opportunities for each child to speak. d.The teacher provides a variety of stimulating opportunities for children to practice with children and adults in the early care environment.
8. Child: "Doggie" Adult: "Yes, Isee a doggie." Child: "Doggie run." Adult: "Oh, yes! See the doggies run in the street." The preceding script exemplifies an instructional strategy called: a. repetition b. redundancy c. storytelling d. progressive matching
9. the instructional strategy that works best to give a child from a culturally different background a sense of security and mastery is: a. recount
b. repetition c. using an intermediary
d. eventcasts
10. For children who are learning English as a second language, context embedded activities enhance: a. written language b. child-child socialization
c. vocabulary development d. assimilation into mainstream culture.
11. A Head Start classroom has Enlish and Spanish word pairs attached to the
door, window, play centers, and storage shelving to supply children with two labels for each physical object or area. This is done to support: a. early spelling skills b. language-learning
efforts being made at home. c. adult-child communication processes d. mentalinguistic awareness

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