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Thanks Ms. Sue for givig me the anser of 11,211 for my son's math problem(I have 10 thousands, 11 tens, 12 hundreds, and 0 ones. What number am I?) However, I am still confused and need a little more clarification? I understand place value order.

If there are 0 ones, why is there a 1 in the ones place? Isn't that 1 ten which is 10 not 11 (1 ten plus 1 )?
If there are 11 tens, why is there a 1 in the tens place? Where did the remaining value of the tens "go"?

Thank you again

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    Hmmm. I get
    10000 + 110 + 1200 + 0 = 11310

    as for the 1 in the 10's place, the place can only hold a single digit. 11 10's = 110, so a carry has to go over to the hundreds place.

    Must have been a typo. Ms Sue is usually quite reliable, but at least you checked your answer. Sounds like you knew how to do it anyway.

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    Thank you Steve.

    Your answer is the same that I calculated before I posted my question. My son's teacher gave them the incorrect answer. I am a teacher as well & I wanted another opinion.

    Thanks !!! :)

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