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physics please help

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In a physics laboratory experiment, a coil with 170 turns enclosing an area of 10cm^2 is rotated from a position where its plane is perpendicular to the earth's magnetic field to one where its plane is parallel to the field. The rotation takes 5.0×10^2 s . The earth's magnetic field at the location of the laboratory is 6.0×10?5T . please explain angles chosen.. I thought for the first part we are suppose to use cos (90) and for the second one cos (0) A) What is the total magnetic flux through the coil before it is rotated? b) What is the total magnetic flux through the coil after it is rotated?

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    Pease restate the Earth's magnetic field. Why is there a ? where there should be a ^ ? Shouldn't there be a minus sign?

    The magnetic flux before the coil is rotated is
    where N is the number of turns.
    A = 10^-3 m^2

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